(this is a poem)

I have been reminded that I really like poetry. Maybe this will become a poetry blog. Who knows.

in this world every thing is out of place and out of size
I know it in this:
I am a girl who walks with my heart in my hands
seeking to give it away
I have placed it another’s palms
and watched it dash against the ground
a splatter of blood and broken tissue
They were not strong enough to hold it.
Hearts are heavy things
or didn’t you know?
God has placed eternity in the hearts of man.
Did you think anyone could hold eternity but the One Who Is Eternal:
before all things and after
from the spinning stars to the settling dust
All this within you and you thought another human could hold it?

But in the aftermath of violence,
he stands in crimson silence and does not throw a stone
picks my heart out of the sand, black and grimy now
but the blood that should be from my chest, not his, will wash it white as snow
(he was pierced for our transgressions; he was crushed for our iniquities)

he stitches together the eternity I once had:
the fallen stars and blazing suns, dandelion wisps blown in the wind
he takes out the dark parts: the things I bowed down to
he casts all my sins into the depths of the sea
removes them as far as the east from the west

when he hands my heart back, I still want to fix it
but nothing remains to be done:
it is finished.

the sound of its beat is the stars pulsing, the roar of the cosmos, eternity calling
a sound I can’t echo
it weighs down my arms, my shoulders are shaking

my savior stands with his palms outstretched
the choice is before me:
Do I give my heart away again
or entrust it to the one strong enough to hold it?


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