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A Spacious Place

I spent the summer in Virginia standing on mountains.

I came for an internship, and when I applied for it, I had some hope of it jumpstarting my career as a world-savvy international journalist writing stories that matter. Instead I wrote a bunch of brochures and read a lot of heartbreaking articles (by actual world-savvy international journalists).

At some point in early summer, I started wondering what exactly I was doing in Virginia. The series of events that led to my taking this internship in a city and an organization I’d never heard of seemed somewhat unlikely, so I figured it was a God thing. But I spent my days writing brochures and scheduling Tweets. It wasn’t exactly my dream job, and I hadn’t really made any friends in Virginia. My presence there didn’t seem to be doing anyone much good.

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All Things New

The world doesn’t talk much about sin, because it looks shiny and feels good, and we confuse sin with identity and don’t want to think of a God who wants to tear apart who we are.

Thing is, I’d like to be someone else.

Jesus said he came so we could have life and have it abundantly (John 10:10), and this is what I see in stories, the ones that mean something, the ones that are bursting with beauty and pain, life and death, and so much love, the ones that make me cry because I’m not sure my life will ever be so full.

I throw that kind of life away almost every day, because getting there seems uncomfortable. Because I am my own god. Because I have made myself so large I block out the light from the Father of Lights. (James 1)

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