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Everyday Sacred

I recently finished reading Rob Bell’s book What We Talk About When We Talk About God. I know a lot of Christians in the conservative/evangelical community think Bell has sketchy theology. That’s fine. I don’t think you need to agree with everything someone says to learn from their ideas.

What struck me most about Bell’s book was his insistence that God is everywhere in everything. We try hard to compartmentalize between the sacred and the commonplace, the holy and the every day. People come into churches with the feeling that they need to clean up first, change the way they dress and talk. That’s not the way God operates.

Jesus came to earth to be a man. He was born in a stable. He is called Immanuel–God with us. Not just at church or in a temple, but at weddings and beside wells, in boats on stormy seas and in funeral processions.

Whether we are lepers cast out of society, women dragged from beds of adultery, cripples lowered through roofs on our mats, or tax collectors counting our money, Jesus came to be with us.

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