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a story.

It began (or at least that’s the clearest memory of beginning) 6/6/06
You remember they said the world was going to end – just like 2012 now; it seems like
the world’s always ending, and
she didn’t believe it, of course, but maybe it was just a trigger
she read about it in the newspapers – people were serious about it, but
the World didn’t end
She waited all day in a half anxious mood riding bike up the lane and looking up at
treetops blowing in the wind and cloudy skies
(in memory, it’s gray; but it was full summer June, it shouldn’t have been gray)
and somehow, though she certainly had never expected the world to end to begin with, something fell apart
splintered at the core; most probably doubts that had been there prior (don’t remember anymore)
but suddenly everything intangible seemed too hard to believe and
maybe she asked for a sign, pleading with the sky but
there was Nothing up there. Continue reading